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It’s Good to be
“Really Bad”®

Exquisitely Fine
Handcrafted Rums

We are proud to be Awarded
a 2020 Silver Award for taste
& a Silver Award for bottle
Design by the San Diego
Spirits Festival!
well as a Silver Award
from the 2019 San Francisco
World Spirits Competition
a 2019 Beverage Trade Network
Spirits Ratings

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At 80 proof, our flagship dark rum is an exquisitely smooth, handcrafted, artisan rum, perfect for sipping neat, or on the rocks. Masterfully blended, this rum has an exceptional flavor profile enhanced by distilling twice and aging in oak casks. Its velvety smooth taste, with rich aromas of muted oak and hints of vanilla, makes for a unique full-bodied rum.  A smooth finish with spice and oak flavors will linger pleasantly, enriching the rich and flavorful experience for the mature palate.

Doc reminds you to:
Live United – Drink Responsibly

really bad cakes


Doc's Really Bad Rum Cakes

Our savory moist rum cake topped with heart-healthy walnuts is an excellent choice for any occasion. The unique infusion of Doc Brown Really Bad Dark Rum brings this rich, “rummy” cake to life, and delivers the gift of goodness in every delicious bite.

Doc reminds you to:
Live United – Enjoy Reasonably

really bad bbq sauce


Doc's Really Bad Driftwood Smoked Barbecue Sauce

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through the Golden Age of Piracy with the legendary Doc Brown! An unsurpassed, whimsical healer of the high seas, Doc’s ability to concoct a curative potion was rivaled only by his ability to create a feast out of the finest grub of land and sea. As he roasted a game fish or wild boar over a driftwood bonfire, he’d baste the meats with his “rummy” sauce mixture. Infused with Doc Brown Really Bad Rum and a drop of Doc’s secret ingredient, this handcrafted barbecue sauce adds a sweet and smoky taste of the good life as experienced by Doc and his mates long ago.

Doc reminds you to:
Live United – Enjoy Reasonably

the making of
the legend of doc brown


“Doc” Brown was a
much-sought-after healer
who could stitch up a cutlass
wound, fit a peg leg after a
shark bite or concoct a potion
to ease seasickness—or even
love sickness.



He was known among seafaring men as the man who had knowledge and remedies to cure “really bad ” shipboard afflictions.

A tattered ship’s log once found describes him as an unsurpassed yet whimsical Naturopathic physician of the high seas with knowledge of medical mixology, of potent concocted cure-alls and what-knots. Combined with the wisdom of nature and the rigors of modern seventeenth century science, he was known as well to have a been steeped in traditional healing methods of the time, using only the finest rums of the Caribbean as the main ingredient of his products he would mix various spices and citrus products as well as secret West Indian spices and oils to perfect his concoctions. His principles and practices and naturopathic medicines focused on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatments.

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Finally It's Good to Be "Really Bad"®


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