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Silver Florida rum
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum – Silver | back

Doc Brown Really Bad Rum – Silver Florida Rum

This isn’t just any silver rum – this is silver Florida rum

The little sister of Doc’s Really Bad rums, this Silver Florida rum is a very clean, light, dry-bodied old school classic spirit that was born to be what it is: just rum. Twice distilled and gluten-free. Its moderate balance of heat delivers a premium, fresh, smooth, Florida cane flavor. This unique quality makes it a fantastic spirit for mixing. At 80 proof with a signature dry freshness, this is handcrafted artisan rum. Its clean, crisp flavor makes it easily interchangeable with vodka in many of your favorite cocktails! Therefore making it ideal for Bloody Mary’s, Cape Coders and Martini’s as well as rum punches, Tiki drinks, and elegant cocktails. Try it, Doc believes you will agree.

If you are looking for a departure from the average, our Florida Silver rum might be just what the Doc ordered. So, head on over to our recipes collection and discover delicious ways to enjoy this and many of our other liquors!

Surely, with so many fun ways to use this fresh Silver rum, you’ll soon see why, Finally, It’s Good to be “Really Bad”!

We are growing rapidly and can be found wherever fine liquors are sold near you.

So join us in being Really Bad and have our expertly crafted rum delivered right to your door! See what all the excitement is about and try this stellar Florida Silver rum for yourself!

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Finally It's Good to Be "Really Bad"®


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