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Florida spiced rum
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum – Spiced | back

Doc Brown Really Bad Rum – Spiced

This isn’t just any spiced rum – this is Florida spiced rum

At 70 proof, our spiced rum is infused with classic spices giving this rum its stunning golden hue. Our spiced recipe has a smooth, warm-bodied heat, with hints of vanilla and peppercorn that are harmonized with a touch of honey which warms the palate. Therefore creating an exquisitely smooth, handcrafted, artisan rum. The blending of spices makes it excellent for sipping neat, on the rocks or in your favorite mixed drinks. This isn’t just any spiced rum – this is Florida spiced rum!

Crafted near the sandy shores of Florida, our spiced rum is sure to delight. We pride ourselves on a unique experience and the very finest ingredients. Additionally, spiced rum is especially versatile and a considered must-have in your liquor cabinet. Including our unique rum adds some tropical flavor to your repertoire. So, concoct your own Florida style rum and cola! Consider putting a tropical spin on a rum punch. Plan on spicing up your holidays this year and try some in your eggnog! If you are looking for a departure from the average, our spiced rum might be just what the Doc ordered. So, head on over to our recipes collection and discover delicious ways to enjoy this and many of our other liquors!

If you would like to join us in being Really Bad – have our expertly crafted rum sent right to your door! See what all the excitement is about and try this stellar Florida spiced rum for yourself!

Best of all, with so many fun ways to use this savory spiced rum, you’ll soon see why, Finally, It’s Good to be “Really Bad”!

We are growing rapidly and found wherever fine liquors are sold near you.

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