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Really Bad Supporters

This page is dedicated to all of Doc Brown’s supporters.

Doc’s family members, friends & fans as well as manufactures, distributors, retailers, that have supported Doc’s “Really Bad” brand.

Doc personally thanks them all.

Feel free to send your comments or questions to Doc directly by clicking Anything goes here! It’s ok to be “Really Bad” here!

Tell Doc what you think about his products & Doc will respond with some “Really Bad” explanations & or answers.

He looks forward to hearing from you!

Supporting Contributors:

1st And foremost Doc thanks his wife Susan for putting up with all of Doc’s mayhem over the years. Its her relentless support, love for me & her hard work to see this project succeed that matters the most. I Love you Susan more then you know!  And to Doc’s kids Matt, Samantha & Jasmine for believing in their dad! I love you all more than you know as well. Thank you!

2nd Doc’s Mom (Donna) for her endless love & support and upbringing. Without you it would never be this bad. Thank you for believing in the “Really Bad” concept & Brand. I Love you Mum!

3nd To Doc’s late Dad (Otis) for his love & teachings to work hard for what you want & to be truthful honest to all your friends and business partners and to give back to others less fortunate then you. Miss you Dad!

4rd To Doc’s five siblings for their love and support and memories of growing up together. Thank you for believing. Love you all!

5th Doc Mother-in-law (Marianne) for her spiritual and loving support and to Doc’s late farther-in-law (Scott) for his belief and guidance over the years. I miss you as well. And thank you to Doc’s Sister & brother in-law for their support as we build the “Really Bad” Brand.

6th Lastly thank you to all Doc’s personal friends for supporting the “Really Bad” brand without you it may have never happened.

Now on to the rest of the “Really Bad” contributors/supporters:

Sugar Works Distillery for all the hard work and head butting with Doc during formulation development process, bottlings, and TTB guidance. We could not have made this juice with out you. Thank you!

Doc thanks all our distributors:

In Massachusetts The Sheehan Family outlets of L- Knife & Sons, Seaboard, Craft Beer Guild, Rhode Island Craft RI. And their dedicated sales teams. Thank you!

Florida Distribution:

Thank you to Cocamo Distribution and their dedicated sales teams for your guidance and fulfillment in Florida.

Thank You to all of our Off-Premise Retailers:

Thank you to all the Florida, Massachusetts & Rhode Island. Privately owned liquor stores for believing and willing to help build this “Really Bad” brand. Doc personally thanks you all. Please see them all here.

Thank You to all the Total Wine And More  stores that carry ththe Really Bad Rum brand!

Thank you to all our On-Premise Locations:

Thank you to all the Florida, Massachusetts & Rhode Island restaurants, bars and pubs for believing and willing make “amazing cocktails for patrons using Doc Brown’s “Really Bad” Rums. Doc personally thanks you all for your support! Please see them all here.

Someone say Rum Cake?

Thank you to Dockside Market in Miami. Donna & Christine, Thank you for working with Doc’s personal recipe and development of Doc’s Really Bad Rum Cakes. The perfect Rum Cake!

Shaw Welding of Billerica MA for our custom “Really Bad” cake piercing forks

Someone say BBQ Sauce?

Thank you to Paul and his team at IPAC Inc. in Winter Springs, FL for working with Doc to create a “Really Bad” Driftwood Smoked BBQ Sauce. It’s just flipping awesome!

Corporate Legal Support Team:

Thomas F. Dunn of Hinckley Allen in Boston for MA. Corporate filing and Trademarks & copy write attorney

Philip DiComo of Haile, Shaw & Pfaffenberger, P.A. Florida Corporate filing and Corporate attorney.

US Government Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Lawyers:

Thank you to our (TTB) attorneys Dan Christopherson & John D. Messinger of Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC For dealing with all the MAYHAM of the ridiculous requirement that the TTB’s “Broken” system imposes on all liquor brands. A true broken leg in the Washington Swamp!

Bottle Painting

Thank you to the Loggerhead Deco team for their Awesome Bottle Paint work!

Bottle Photography

Big thanks to David Lancaster Photography

Finally It's Good to Be "Really Bad"®


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