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Being Bad Tastes so Good - and is so Easy to Find!

Our award-winning rum is expertly crafted and masterfully blended. Our ever-popular flagship dark rum is velvety smooth and tastes just as delicious neat as it is on the rocks!  But don't take our word for it, Really Bad Rum has taken the title as 2018 Rum of the Year by USA Spirits Rating. The smooth finish with hints of oak and vanilla will leave you smiling!

We also pride ourselves in our classic and clean silver rum option. Twice distilled and boasting a light dry-bodied flavor, your mojito never tasted so bad! Not to be outdone, our golden child spiced rum takes a spin on the traditional. Doc's recipe maintains a smooth warm-bodied heat. Suggestions of vanilla and peppercorn, as well as a touch of honey, make it perfect to mix with your favorite cola! With all these options, you are sure to find just the flavor you are looking for!

Proud to be Rum of the Year

Additionally, our pride and joy dark rum holds the crown for a special award-winning title. The alcohol beverage industry's leading Beverage Trade Network dubbed our dark beauty Rum of the Year for 2018. Our products are standing proudly on shelves throughout the country, and are likely available near you! We are available for purchase in many cities throughout Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Iowa.

Don't live in these states? Not to worry! You can have our Really Bad Rum products shipped directly to your door!

More Than Just Great Rum

Are you more into savory delights? Our legendary rum cakes, infused with Doc's award-winning rum, delivers deliciousness in every bite!  We also offer our specialty Driftwood Smoked Barbecue Sauce that takes your taste buds on a journey through the Golden Age of Piracy. It's so Rummy good - we had to bottle it!

We are making our way to bars and restaurants throughout the United States and our rum cakes make any occasion even more special. Check out our "Where to Buy" page to find our products locally, or order online for a fast and easy delivery!

Try one of our stellar products today and see for yourself why Finally, It's Good to be "Really Bad"!

Finally It's Good to Be "Really Bad"®


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